Cash and Checks
Cambodia is a highly cash-based society since it is viewed as more convenient and popular form of payment. Due to the dollarization of the economy, USD currency is widely accepted as a substitution to KHR currency. Currently, there are ten denominations banknotes in circulation: viz. KHR 100,000; KHR 50,000; KHR 20,000; KHR 10,000; KHR 5,000; KHR 2,000; KHR 1,000; KHR 500; KHR 100. Coins are rarely used.

A check is an unconditional order in writing, addressed to a banker and signed by the person giving the order, requiring the banker to pay a determined sum of money to the order of a specified person or to the bearer. It must be payable at sight and conform to all requirements stated in Law on Negotiable Instruments and Payment Transactions. The use of checks is primarily confined to corporations. The USD and KHR checks circulate in the system, but the U.S. dollar check is more widely used, forming in excess of 90% of the volumes cleared through the National Clearing House. In addition, the check is used as a means of transferring monetary value between banks due to the absence of an inter-bank funds transfer system. In September 2008, the NBC issued Prakas on Check Standard to make all checks used in the payment system uniformed and standardized to ensure a smooth and efficient inter-bank clearing and settlement.