Monetary Policy Committee
The Monetary Policy Committee, a high-level policy committee at the National Bank of Cambodia, was established to assess the ongoing economic and financial developments of the country and to make decisions on monetary policy, with the objective of maintaining price stability. The MPC meets four times a year on a quarterly basis. Before the meeting, the secretariat team, comprised of economists and other staff from the Economic Research & International Cooperation Department and Statistics Department, will prepare a detailed analysis and report for the MPC. Based on that report, the MPC will discuss and evaluate different aspects of the economy, covering key economic and financial developments since the last meeting. The MPC will combine this analysis with their judgment and prediction on the likely course of the economy and price in the period ahead, and then decide on the policy options in order to ensure long-term price stability.

Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Members:

H.E. Chea Chanto Governor Chair
H.E. Sum Sannisith Deputy Governor Vice-chair
H.E. Ou Chandara Secretary General Member
H.E. Chea Serey Director General of Central Banking Member
H.E. Rath Sovannorak Director General of Banking Supervision Member
Mr. Kimty Kormoly First Deputy Director General of Central Banking Member
Mr. Kith Sovannarith Deputy Director General of Banking Supervision and Director of On-site Supervision Department Member
Mr. Khou Vouthy Deputy Director General of Central Banking and Director of Economic Research and International Cooperation Department Permanent Member
Mr. Chhim Chankosal Director of Issue Department Member