Exchange Rate Policy
The National Bank of Cambodia's exchange rate policy is one of the key tools in the NBC's monetary policy. The objective is to achieve price stability. Continuing to implement the managed floating regime, the NBC will intervene in the Foreign Exchange Market to maintain the exchange rate in accordance with the determined objective.

The NBC's official exchange rate represents the bidding and asking prices of foreign exchange rates against the KHR for NBC transactions with third parties, and is a benchmark for the private sector.

The NBC sets the exchange rate by:

• The exchange rate is determined by the NBC's Official Exchange Rate Determination Committee, which is comprised of staff from relevant departments such as; Issue, Banking Operations, Exchange Management, Statistics, and Economic Research & International Cooperation Department.

• The committee meets every morning to set the official daily exchange rate by analyzing the internal and external data. The Exchange rate will then be published every working day after approval from the Director General of Central Banking.

• When the exchange rate is volatile and out of the determined range, the committee may hold an urgent meeting to discuss new strategies and approaches.