Cambodian Silver Proof Coin

During the reign of King Norodom from 1859 to 1904, two types of currencies (coins) were minted fro use in Cambodia. One was made of bronze (mostly copper) and the other was made of silver. These coins feature both Khmer and French Characters.

Although issued by the Authority in the 19th century, these coins were rarely functional, as most family and commercial trades were transacted through barter trading (either exchanging one product for another product, or labour for product). And most traders offer their products to farmers in exchange for farm produces.

This is the replica of the silver coin that was minted in 1869 with coins denomination of French "Quatre Francs".


- Composition: 999 Fine Silver
- Finish: Proof
- Weight: 20gm
- Diameter: 38.70mm
- Mintage: 1,000pcs
- Year Date: 1860 / 2007 (Replica)

Price: 180,000 Riels