Cambodia Ancient Naga Coin Nordic-Gold Proof-Like Coin

"SLEUNG" is the first monetary unit in Cambodia. During the reign of King Preah SREY CHETHA or sdech Korn (1512-1525), gold and silver coins with SLEUNG face values were put into circulation. The issuance of such coins stimulated economic growth in Cambodia and expanded its trade with foreign countries during the 16th century.

To commemorate the first monetary unit of Kingdom of Cambodia, the National Bank of Cambodia has reproduced the SLEUNG coins in both silver and Nordic-gold. The respective coin specifications of each coin are given in the respective certificates.

The obverse design features the mystical Naga with seven heads. The reverse design features the Khmer script "Krong Kampuchea" (meaning Cambodia) and "Mouy Sleung" (meaning one SLEUNG). The present monetary unit of Cambodia is the RIEL.


- Denomination: 1 Sleung
- Composition: Nordic-Gold
- Finish: Proof
- Weight: 20gm
- Diameter: 38.70mm
- Mintage: 2,000pcs
- Year Date: 2006

Price: 168,000 Riels